Enab Beirut – The Perfect Stop for Authentic Lebanese Cuisine

Not every restaurant you visit gives you a top-notch menu with a homely feel, but Enab Beirut in Citywalk is definitely one of the few that actually does! It is such a nicely done up, pretty place with beautiful mosaic-tiled floors that would remind you of your Grandma’s home, the spacious dining area, the soft dainty interiors, mix and match chairs arranged around wooden tables – the interiors make the ambiance all the more cozy and comfortable.

The restaurant serves oriental Lebanese food, and is famous for its unique “mom’s cooking” cuisine. So not only does it look homey, it feels homey too whenever you dine here.

We recently headed for lunch at this beautiful eatery and were pleased with the taste of every item that we tried. To start with, we had some flavorful Cheese Rolls, and then the Kebbet Batata that was basically mashed potato balls seasoned with a distinct flavor of coriander and walnut, spicy and had a lovely aroma of tomato.

From salads, we opted for the Kibbeh Baladieya and Wark Enab. Can you savor Lebanese cuisine without hummus? Not possible! The Hummus at Enab tastes exquisite – soft, creamy and the pinenuts further zesting up its flavor.

With the appetizers done right, we moved on to dig into the Mix Grill Platter which had a beautiful variety of meat in different texture and taste, all grilled to perfection. The tender platter consisted of chicken cubes, marinated lamb as well as kafta. To top this, they served us fresh soft bread which took the brownie points from me as you all know how much I love hot bread with my food.

Enab Beirut has a candy shop too, aka dessert counter, which we found to be very cute and selected the Halawet ej Jebn, from there and undoubtedly, this exotic cheese roll drizzled with rose syrup turned out to be the perfect choice to satisfy our sweet tooth. Next on the table was the Aychel Saraya which was equally delightful and highly recommended for all dessert lovers.

At the very end, we sealed our hearty meal with a hot cup of tea, and agreed that the lunch date at Enab Beirut had gone better than expected. It’s a must try for everyone who’s longing for traditional Lebanese flavors in a modern, yet soothing atmosphere. Everything is lovable here, the ambiance, hospitality and off course, the food.

Reservations: +971 4343 2707

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