Jazz Nights at Beefbar – Where Toe Tapping and Flavorsome Feasts go hand in hand!

Beefbar is hands down the one place that is every meat lover’s favorite, and that never fails to serve exceptional flavors in a luxurious setting. Located in DIFC, the restaurant lures you to discover the best meat cuts of the world, including the fabulous Kobe beef for which they have been highly loved for since they launched the Monte-Carlo vibes here in Dubai.

We arrived at Beefbar just a few days ago to check out their Jazz evening, which takes place every Wednesday from 7PM onwards at the restaurant. So, the Beefbar Beats, as the themed evening is called, comprises of specially crafted cocktails, live entertainment with jazz music from the Carrie Gibson’s Nuvo Jazz band, and a lot of mouthwatering eatables such as Wagyu Beef, Ceviche de Lubina, Seabass Ceviche, Pizza al Tartufo, Rucola Pizza, Kobe and Agnus beef burger, Black Truffle, Classic Rib-Eye, eleven variations of Mash Potato and a lot more from the tempting A’la Carte Menu. Featured below, is the Tartare Tacos Slider.

For our pick as the main course, we chose to indulge in the juicy meatiness of the centre cut veal tenderloin and the delicious lamb fillet rubbed with signature spices. Also, check out how droolworthy this beautiful Shawarma, a new addition to the menu, looks even in the picture! I highly recommend trying it on your next visit.

There’s one in Kobe Beef flavor too!

What is the most important part of a meal for you? For me, it is dessert! Beefbar serves this mind-blowing, out of this world Stracciatella soufflé done up with salted caramel, banana and passion fruit sorbet – every bite is to die for! Besides this, I can vouch for the fact that they make the best French toast in Dubai (yes I know you guys love the Cocoa Room one, but trust me, this one is much more delicious with caramelized brioche and dolce chocolate ice cream). Another appreciative fact about their desserts is that they are alcohol-free, so anybody and everybody can devour the goodness without any worries.

Overall, dining at Beefbar is a world class experience where your Wednesdays are transformed into Thursdays, inviting you to have fun and unwind to the jazzy beats! Also, you can call me biased towards this meat lovers’ paradise of a place because I absolutely love their food, the variety and the quality of meat they use. The restaurant is actually one of the few places in Dubai that truly deliver what they promise. Honestly, I can keep going about how the taste, quality and quantity served at Beefbar are all highly appreciable and never fails impress.

All in all, Beefbar is not only a place where you to celebrate on your own, but you can even drop by with a bunch of good friends or family for a sophisticated dining experience, leave a lasting impression on a date, or grab a quick lunch with your work buddies (take a note here that they have launched a special Business Lunch menu too which is not only friendly on the pocket but features some of their best options. For more details, have a look at their website and also book yourself a table today. Trust me, you won’t regret it ever!

P.S. You can read more about our dining experience and view our personal images on Zomato.

Reservations: +971 (0)56 115 1724

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