Exploring Simply South @ Zafran

Haven’t I always been so vocal about how Zafran Indian Bistro is my ultimate go to place when craving for some wonderful, authentic desi food? Well, the restaurant has just upped its game by introducing a limited time specialty South Indian menu! It’s called Simply South, and boasts of carefully chosen delicacies from the 5 major states of the Southern Region of India. It busts the myth that South Indian food is just idlis, dosas, sambhar and wadas. We had the pleasure of experiencing the diversity of their delectable cuisine during a recent brunch at their Marina Mall branch.

Here’s a glimpse of our meal:


TalaGosht – Aromatic mutton cubes marinated with ginger, garlic and spices

TahirVada – Petite lentil donuts in subtly tempered yogurt


UragaiMamsam – (From Telangana) Delicious tender chunks of mutton cooked in pickled masala

GonguruRoyallu – (From Andhra Pradesh) Prawns cooked with Roselle leaves and finished with Andhra spices

Malabar Paccha Kari Stew ( From Kerala) A fine selection of garden fresh vegetables gently simmered in coconut milk, so flavorsome!


Andhra Kodi Biryani – Just your regular Chicken Biryani with a unique twist brought about by authentic flavors from Andhra Pradesh

Iddiyapam – This is basically rice flour based dish that’s pressed into noodle form and then steamed

Parotta – Amazingly layered flat bread with which we had our curries

All in all, we absolutely loved our Friday brunch at Zafran, where we ordered Ala Carte dishes mainly from their new menu. You can never go wrong with food at this place! They use fine quality ingredients and spice levels can be modified to suit your taste buds as all the food is prepared fresh here. You will end up raving about Zafran Indian Bistro as soon as you experience it yourself!

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