Beef Bar – Where all your cravings for meat will be met with class!

Ever heard of a Beef Bar? We actually got to experience one just recently, and it was so amazing! Beef Bar is a newly opened restaurant in DIFC and it truly lives up to its name in terms of the interiors, the ambience, and a whole wide variety of specialty Beef. In fact, it’s the only certified Kobe retailer in MiddleEast. These people are luxury specialty butchers and have been in business for generations. The restaurant is originally from Monte-Carlo but has expanded successfully around the globe, with Dubai being its latest launch.

The restaurant is divided into a comfortable lounge area, a terrace, and a beautiful indoor dining area done up with leather furnishings and mood-setting lights. There is a Beef Bar butcher shop too, so you can even buy some top-cuts of meat to cook at home.

One thing that we’re sure everyone is going to appreciate about Beef Bar is thatthe food portions at this restaurant are so generous that everything from the appetizers to desserts can be easily shared! It’s an awesome venue to head to with friends or family. We started off with some Tuna Tiradito and Seabass Ceviche, the flavorsome tanginess of the seafood was very much appreciated by everyone at the table.

The platter containing one miniature version of Veal tartare, Black Agnustartare and Kobe tartare was pretty impressive too. It was like you get to experience three kinds of tastes one bite at a time. There was Mikazuki Tostada too and we also ordered some Kale salad to go with our meal.

Coming to the main courses, we ordered two, and each of them was as phenomenal as the other! The Ribeye was so juicy and tender, you can easily figure out with the first bite that it’s prepared from the highest quality meat. The Centre cut veal tenderloin is a must order for all your steak-lovers out there. We just loved the perfect seasoning, the aroma, presentation and portion of the beautiful pieces of meat brought to us so much, and surely you will feel the same too!

For dessert, we had some French Toast as well as salted caramel, banana and passion fruit sorbet. Both of these were pretty decent but the SouffleStracciatella was the actual bomb! So creamy and chocolaty without being overpowering, this melt-in-the-mouth dessert was an absolute delight, very highly recommended!

All in all, Beef Bar is all about indulging fresh and delicious cuts of meat in a sophisticated venue. It’s an absolute delight dining at this place, and something you wouldn’t want to miss if you are a hardcore meat lover.Make sure to book a table beforehand by calling  +04 352 2223.  I just can’t wait to head there for another carnivorous treat again soon!

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