Bar Baar – A gastronomical social hub where you’d want to go repeatedly!

Of all the newly opened eateries in town, Bar Baar in Majestic Hotel Tower, Bur Dubai has to be my recent favorite. Wondering why? Guys! This is an amazing bustling social hub where you can go and dine with your family and friends and have fun too! They have superb entertainment options lined up everyday, so you can enjoy live music by the in-house band and visiting musicians or cheer yourself up with top-notch comedy acts while dining.

The restaurant is split into four seating areas – there is a living room that gives you a Mumbai community feel, a lounge with comfy sofas and work desk, a space with a large communal table that facilitates group working, and a separate countered area where people can socialize over mocktails and mixed beverages. Our table depicted a large carom board, which was quite unique for a restaurant, and the courteous servers spread it out beautifully with scrumptious Indian street food and main course meals.

Foodwise, it’s very strong. We loved the crunchy Kanda Bhajiya – onion fritters that are served with fresh green chutney.

Spicy Mushrooms was another hot favorite from the starters, it was loaded with mushrooms, spices and cheese! The Shakarkand Chaat was quite flavorful too, with the perfect tanginess and sweetness levels.

We also enjoyed the Puff Pastry Chicken Pizza very much, it’s something you won’t forget for a long time.

Also, judge me all you want but I loved my Laccha Paratha loaded with desi ghee, this place serves the perfect on

es with Baigan ka Bharta!


There were other interesting options too, like the Braised Lamb Boti Bao, Prawn Kolbi Fry, Jujeh Kebab and Flambe Butter Chicken.


For desserts we tried the Falooda Ek Number, which was an absolute Bomb after such a hearty meal! Cheesecake lovers would also enjoy a slice done up with a layer of motichoor ladoo on top only available at Bar Baar.

Usually licensed places do not focus on their food to the point this place has done, and this is what makes it all the more my favorite. Just love the large menu featuring delectable real food for people like me who don’t drink but would want to go to a place where there is entertainment and good food on the table, always. Overall, it’s a brilliant twist to regular style of dining. The lively vibe, impeccable authentic tasting Indian food, friendly staff and prompt service, everything is just so amazing. We’ve not had so much fun in the longest time! Besides, this restaurant truly lives up to its name, you would want to go there “Bar Baar” – which means again and again in Hindi. I can’t wait to go back!

P.S. Do check their website and Facebook page for daily event updates.


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