Sargon – a Taste of Syria and Turkey Combined!

Have you been to Sargon yet? It flaunts a menu that is an excellent fusion of Syrian and Turkish cuisine, and considering the fact that we just have a handful of restaurants in Dubai that serve Syrian cuisine, this place is a must visit! It is ideally located in Downtown with a massive outdoor seating area that offers Burj Khalifa views and nice Arabic music playing in the background. There is a separate area for shisha lovers too. The interiors of the restaurant have been done up quite beautifully too, with plush cushions, decorative motifs and intricate lamps all placed elegantly.

Here’s a quick review of the food we had:


Isn’t the crunchy Falafel everyone’s favorite appetizer? So, we didn’t leave this one out! From salads, we ordered Greek Salad and Avocado Salad as well. The Avocado one had quinoa and white cheese in it too and we loved its spicy vinaigrette dressing. Moving on, the Fresh Hot Bread earned some brownie points from me, I love hot bread and this one was so perfectly soft and delicious.

Picture Courtesy: Sargon Facebook Page


We had the Fatteh Hummus, which came as a base of toasted pita bread soaked in chickpea stock, topped with chickpeas and tahini sauce. This creamy dish was garnished with roasted pine nuts and pomegranate seeds, which enhanced its goodness overall.

Next, The Lahmeh bel Seneyeh (Tahina Sauce and Tomato) came straight out of the oven and tasted absolutely amazing. This was basically a luscious ground lamb meat pie kneaded with finely chopped onions and spread on a tray to be baked with tomato slices. This was served with a special tahini and pomegranate molasses sauce, and we loved the tanginess it added to the dish.


Apart from the food, there were several drinks to choose from as well, but our Velvet Spice was the bomb! Do try a few sips, if not the whole glass, when you visit. At the end, we devoured some Kunafa and a cup of tea each. A great end to a lovely meal.

Everything we tried here was exceptionally flavorful and had a home-made quality. The service too was impressive with our orders arriving promptly and staff sharing their knowledge of the menu with us diligently. A very pleasant and unique dining experience that I would gladly recommend to everyone!

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