961 LB – Lebanese Cuisine with a Twist!

If you’re tired of trying regular Lebanese cuisine, hop over the recently opened 961 LB restaurant at Al- Seef creek, a rapidly rising as a favorite foodie destination. There’s no reason not to love this place as it provides magnificent views of the creek and you get a glimpse of the old and new Dubai standing at any corner of the Seef.

Lebanon is a country where you can enjoy the most amazing food and cocktails, party from noon till the break of dawn on a mid-week day and 961 LB aims to bring this organized chaotic Lebanese vibe to Dubai.”

961 LB not only boasts an amazing location but also a superb ambiance overall. It’s a beautiful two-level restaurant with a pretty terrace on the ground floor and spacious indoor and outdoor seating areas on the first floor. You can eye their modern open kitchen and enjoy the ravishing creek views while seated in any of the tables here.

Now, coming to the food, this restaurant doesn’t do normal Lebanese food but a burst of Mediterranean flavors with a twist! You love Hummus, theirs come with crispy beef bacon topped with caramelized onions and pine nuts, you love Fattoush, they offer the salad in crispy taco shells with duck shavings! Interesting right? These tasted as brilliant as they sound! Besides, the portions and flavor too were totally on point.

Apart from these, we also has some Goat Cheese rolled in sesame, served with figs compote and toasted pita, the Muhamara that arrived as a mixed raw nut selection, green olives, roasted peppers chili, olive oil and pomegranate molasses,

and the Tzatziki which was served with amazingly soft flat bread.

Our main courses came right out of the charcoal oven, piping hot and tempting us with their aroma and juicy appearance!  We had some Lamb Cutlets and Jumbo Shrimps, each of which were grilled to perfection and had the right spice levels too. Besides, they came with sides of fat chips and grilled vegetables which further elevated the flavor of every morsel we had. I loved the Kofta most of all. You generally judge a kebab by its fat and meat proportions, and this one was phenomenal and every way. Done up with pistachio and halloumi, this meatball was so soft and succulent, I highly recommend trying it.


For desserts, there were several enticing options on the menu, but we settled for the Tiramissu. Orange and cinnamon mascarpone with a dash of coffee and hazelnut, served as the perfect end to our meal.

It was a completely delightful dining experience here! From the food presentation to the drool-worthy flavors, prompt service, and courteous staff, everything was too good. Are there any flaws? None at all! We’ll probably be going back soon to try out more stuff from their menu. Loved the new concept!

Note: 961 LB offers a breakfast menu along with lunch and dinner delights, and is open from 9 AM daily. They offer shish as well and it’s a licensed place. Make your reservations by dialing
+971 58 996 1961 whenever you plan to dine at the fancy Al-Seef area, enjoying the breathtaking creek side views side by side!




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