Biryani Pot

When you are craving for some tasty desi food, Biryani Pot at Umm Sequim, JBR is where you should head to without giving it a second thought! Not just Biryani, this place also serves freshly prepared curries, tandoor grills and salads. Once seated, the zestful aroma inside the restaurant was enough to set our tummies rumbling!

Sipping on some Mago Lassi, we selected cucumber Raita, Masala Quinoa salad and Greek salad, whereas as appetizer we ordered the Samosa Chaat, a famous street food that arrived as a few mini samosas done up in a yogurt base and drizzled with different chatnis (sauces) to infuse a tantalizing flavor.

The main reason we opted for Biryani Pot was to try out their unique variation of this hearty dish, the Quinoa Biryani. I was quite skeptical before tasting it, but now it’s a dish that I would highly recommend to everyone! They do it so professionally that you would hardly be able to differ between the rice and quinoa. There was no compromise on the taste of biryani at all! We did order the traditional rice biryani too.

Other than these we had the mix grill which came as a platter containing gorgeous portions of piping hot and perfectly tender tikka as well as kebabs. From curries, my personal favorite was the Butter Chicken but the Dal Makhani too was outstanding and very beautifully presented. Besides, there was delicious Garlic Naan to devour each morsel of the desi goodness with. Also, the Tandoori Prawn is what they are offering as a special winter item and needless to say, it was superb.

Can you not get tempted by Gulab Jamun? Well, we couldn’t leave them out so indulged in their sweetness for dessert, with Ras Malai in tow!

Everything was surprisingly very good. In fact the quality and quantity of the food, both were amazing. Service was quite prompt too. All in all, this gourmet Indian fast food restaurant will delight your taste buds and keep you wanting for more. It’s good value for money and definitely worth a visit!


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