The Noodle House

The Noodle house is quite famous as an entire continent of fresh flavors and Asian soul food and the Burjuman Mall branch has just been revamped into a bigger much sleeker looking place that offers a cool and comfortable ambiance as you dine in peace. In fact, the interiors have been done in a way that you’d feel you are actually seated inside a fine-dining restaurant and not in one that is located inside a mall!

They have recently added on some new items on their menu so we just couldn’t resist the urge to visit and try them out. To begin with, the creamy Wasabi prawns were delicious, with the sweetness of mango relish putting an amazing refreshing flavor in each bite. Steamed Edamame and the Asian Roots that comprised of bamboo shoots, shimeji mushrooms, lotus root and wing beans were good appetizers too. Prawn Hargao too tasted great, especially with the XO sauce these dumplings were served with.

We also ordered some Chicken Satay. Most of the other places I’ve been to serve satay that is quite dry, but The Noodle House does it warm, and soft, bonus points for this!

From the wet noodles section we tried the Veal Char Siu, that was done with Yakisoba noodles, zesty lemongrass broth, roasted veal char siu and pak choi. Next, the aromatic Thai Green Curry was an absolute delight and so was the crispy Thai Chicken with cashew nuts that was served with jasmine rice on the side. Now comes the best from the lot, filled with grilled flank steak, mixed vegetables, candied ginger and dressed in sweet wasabi sauce, the Beef Wasabi Roti turned out to be the Bomb! It’s a new attraction on their menu and it was a super hit amongst everyone on the table.

Overall this place serves very good food in great portions at prices that are a steal! Their service is excellent as well with the staff always greeting you with smiling faces. It’s the perfect place to drop by with family, friends, or just on your own!



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