Yet another successful event by Monica Kapila of Doin Dubai. This one also marked the first anniversary of Blogger Managed Events.
Kiza is ideally located in DIFC and has the perfect ambiance for a GoTo place after work, with a gorgeous bar and a dance floor right next to it and private dining area on the side. This can be a perfect destination for any occasion or just an after work hangout, as opposed to its previous smaller location in DHCC.


We had the pleasure of trying out some gorgeous African-inspired outfits. Mine was a long tip with a vibrant print on it that I completely fell in love with! These were designed here in Dubai and are conveniently available at Ntombi Couture.
You can’t be at an African-themed place and not do some waka waka e e! 😀 We learned the classic dance step withsome help from the gorgeous people at Kiza.


Now coming to the most important part of the review, the food. We started off with a warm lamb pepper clear soup which was rich in flavors. Next came the lentil soup which was very soothing as well.
The salad was crisp and refreshing and the mango in it did the trick for me. The meat empanadas are a classic and were surely well done. Then came the chicken wings that were cooked well to my liking or I was probably too full by then. The Kele Wele however was the true show stopper for me. It went so well with the sautéed peanuts.


Now I didn’t know but my friend Monica of Doin Dubai told me that Kale is grown abundantly everywhere in Africa. That is why the Sukuma Wiki Kale, warm salad or side dish if you like to call it, was so delicious. Peri Peri Prawns were massive and rich in flavor. Jallof rice is a tomato based rice that can be served with anything and eaten on its own too.


The mixed grill of course is always the highlight of the meal and this was served on a large board and the meat was stacked up in style. However, it lacked the kick we usually prefer in a grill, but hey, our food gets cold taking pictures for you guys!! :p
The sea beam that was served whole for photos and then later sliced for tasting was just amazing. Just remember to be careful of the bones.


The place it does justice to its name which translates to the Princess.
My friends tried some vegetarian dishes of which I had a spoon as well.

Desserts included Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Molten Chocolate Cake & the Fruit Salad. And yes, everything was delicious and all three of these were perfect. The tropical fruit salad was game.

BeFunky Collage

Kiza is surely an experience you don’t want to miss out on.

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