Mint Leaf of London

Located on the the 15th floor of the South Tower of the Emirates Financial Towers is the exquisite Mint Leaf of London. Offering a mind-blowing view of the Dubai skyline and of course the Burj Khalifa, this restaurant should be on your list of fine diners that you need to visit.
3The interior is beyond beautiful. The spacious and luxurious hallways are set up in such a way to ensure you feel nice and happy. The comfortable seating coupled with the lighting make for a very relaxing ambiance.
The restaurant is known for serving contemporary Indian food which is rich with global influences. They have a well-trained kitchen and service staff and the preparation of each dish is supervised by a world-class chef, who boasts of more than 15 years of experience working as the head chef and executive chef for widely-acclaimed establishments in the UK and India.
You have an option of dine-in, delivery or take-away and in Ramadan they have special Iftaar and Suhoor Package. Iftaar is served from 7-8 pm and costs AED 135, whereas Suhoor is served at a cost of AED 160 (exclusive of taxes).

I recently went to try out their Iftaar menu. The service was excellent, the menu was extensive and the atmosphere was very nice.
On their Iftaar menu they have:
• Sprout Beans & Chickpeas Chaat
• Kuchumber Salad
• Beetroot & Corn Summer Salad
• Papdi Sev Chaat

• Roasted Fennel Seed & Garlic Hamour
• Cardamom & Cream Cheese Prawns
• Australian Lamb Kebabs
• Lahori Tandoori Chicken
• Achaari Paneer Tikka
• Saffron Broccoli Florets

• Saag Gosht
• Chicken Tikka Korma
• Subz Makhni
• Yellow Daal
These were accompanied with steamed rice, naan and tandoori roti.

• Homemade Gulab Jamun
• Chocolate Mousse
• Fresh Fruit Platter

I had a fun time there and will probably head back there soon. You should try it too. They have outdoor seating, live music, private dining halls, valet parking and it is also a kid friendly place.


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