We are all expats here, so we eat what we get, but still keep seeking the taste we had at home. That’s exactly what Chawlas2 offered. I’ve been to their outlet in NY and I remember buying their Cream Chicken & eating it with a spoon- yes a spoon! I’ve always been a foodie & this was just pure comfort food. Just in case you didn’t know Chawlas2 invented the Cream Chicken, in 1962, in a small place in Punjab, India. It’s the prestigious taste of rural countryside cuisine that is now being served to over a 100 branches all over the world.


Their UAE franchise opened in December 2015, in a quite corner in JLT. It’s ideally located- corner place, lake view, outdoor seating, ample parking. As soon as you walk in you smell the delicious aroma and you know that you’ve entered a place that’s going to be a delight for the taste buds. Its decorated in earthy tones. Owned by a very passionate foodie himself and the staff is very warm, welcoming & well trained.

So we got right to the menu. Chawlas2 has the same classics served all over the world. The head Chef has worked at their main branch, in India and has over a decade of experience and has launched several branches all over the world. The best thing about Chawlas2 is their consistency – the food,  taste and quality is the same everywhere you go in the world. That’s a rare thing in Desi places.


10For our drinks we ordered a Lassi & fresh lime also referred to as Lemon Soda. They were perfectly blended, chilled and amazing in taste.

We got ourselves a mix platter of appetizers so we could try a bit of everything. They have vegan and non vegan options. Chawlas2 is home to delicious vegan food too. A Punjabi place that serves delicious vegan food…rare, very rare ! But then this is Chawlas2– they are best at everything.
Our sample platter included Kalmi Kebab, Peshawari Tikka, Afghani Chicken & Fish Tikka. They are pro local produce use, henceforth the best of local produce has been sourced. The King Fish was fried to perfection ( coming from a non fish eater’s mouth), all three Tikkas were in Chicken and each had their own unique taste, the marinade and the grilling all well done. I was regretting not ordering Paneer Malai Tikka & the stuffed Tandoori Alu, but I had to save some stuff for the next time.


With over a 50 Curries to choose from you are spoiled for choices.  The list includes chicken, mutton, fish, cottage cheese (paneer), daal & vegan options, there’s something for every one. I had to have the Cream Chicken, its been a while since I last had it so it was the first thing I ordered, we tried Chicken Dhaniya Adrak, Mutton  Rogan Josh, Mutton Bhunna, Paneer Mushroom Masala.
Now the cream chicken I ate again with a spoon, and it took me to my past, flashback! Its amazing how it tasted exactly how I remembered it.
The Roghan Josh, is a culinary dish, aging back to the Mughal Empire. It is cooked on special occasions and is a classic recipe, which was executed very well, the mutton was boneless and gravy was rich & delicious.
4This was the first time I had Mutton Bhunna. It tasted perfect and  the gravy was blended in well with the boneless mutton, aromatic with special secret spice mix. Paneer Mushroom, wasn’t the conventional sad looking frozen cubed paneer, this was soft moist delicious paneer, that melts in your mouth, a delight for carnivore like me.  Eating that made me think that I should do this more often.

So the bread selection is massive too, They’ve a tandoor of course, so you get the fresh aromatic naans, both stuffed and plain. They also make Roomali roti that too with wheat flour, and Missi roti too.

2 They offer only the best & classic desserts. They were Kheer, Ghulab Jamun & Moong Daal Halwa.
Kheer, is kesar ( saffron ) infused gives it a zing, the Ghulab Jamun ( sweet dumplings, served warm) melt in your mouth, the Moong Daal Halwa is sweet, and coarse and has nuts in it- its just the way it should be.

So all in all, Chawlas2 is a place you need to head to super soon, and thank me later, but honestly do write to me and tell me what you all thought.
They have four lunch combos at the moment, priced between 25 and 32/-AED. Of course they cater too- they are Punjabis, they are a pro at bulk cooking 😀
Happy Eating!

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