Mango Mousse- Shot Glass Dessert


Servings: 10

Raspberry jelly:

  • Raspberries -1 cup
  • Sugar -3 tbsp
  • Water -2 tbsp
  • Gelatin mixture- (1 tsp gelatin in 2 tbsp cold water)

Bring the raspberries, sugar and water to a simmer together and add in the gelatin mixture.



  • Mango puree -¾ cup
  • Sugar -3 tbsp
  • Gelatin mixture- (1.5 tsp gelatin in 3 tbsp cold water)
  • Whipped cream -250ml

Bring the mango puree and sugar to a slow simmer.

Add in the gelatin mixture

Take off heat and transfer into a clean bowl and let it cool

Add 1/3 of the cream to the puree mixture and mix well

Now fold in the mixture with the rest of the cream.

Transfer it all into a piping bag


Layering:  8a30ae0d-018b-4079-93cf-482150d575c9

Place sponge cake at the bottom.

Next add the mango mousse using the piping bag

Top it off with raspberry jelly

Refrigerate for at least 2 hours

Garnish with sugar, peach slices and chocolate leaves.


White chocolate leaf:

Melt 50 grams of white compound chocolate in a microwave with 20 second intervals till its smooth

Put dollops of the melted chocolate on a parchment paper or baking paper.

Use back of the spoon to spread it with a single stroke into the shape of a leaf.

Place parchment on tissue roll cut out to give it a curved effect.

Freeze until set.

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