The Hot Dog Stand


Nestled in the residential area of Marina, blessed with the additional perk of having a free parking space inside the building, The Hot Dog Stand is my kind of a place.

Ever since it opened its doors, the amazing photos being shared everywhere on the social media and my being raised in the US Factor drove me to The Hot Dog Stand.

We parked and entered the place which was bustling with take away orders. The hostess greeted us politely and asked if it was our first time and asked us about our preferred seating area. The weather was ideal thus permitting outdoor seating and so that’s what we chose.

The menu was brought to us. The Hot Dog Stand, ships its sausages straight from U.S. so the taste is familiar and quality of meat is excellent.A lot of effort has been put in crafting the additions to the standard hot dog and they all blend in well with one another. Be it the beetroot in the Monster Hot Dog or the sour cream and nachos in the Mexican, they all make sense together.

We tried, almost everything off the menu…

. Jalapeno Poppers

. Mini Cheese Balls

. Beans Salad

. Onion Rings


Everything was fried to perfection,and tasted delicious. I loved the jalapeno poppers more because they are a personal favorite.

The Beans salad is a pickle that goes very well with the whole Hot Dog meal, served in a cute mason jar, again tasted refreshing.


For our mains, we tried one of each of their classics, however you can do your own Hot Dog, and mix and match items to your own choice and preference.

I liked the Monster Hot Dog the most and the others were classics too in their own unique mix of toppings.

. Cheese Coney which consists of chili, onions and cheddar cheese

. The Mexican, which is Guacamole, Salsa, Jalapeno, Sour Cream and Nachos

. Monster Hot Dog, has tomatoes, pickles, green onions, potato sticks, beetroot, jalapeno, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise.


Before coming to the Stand, I had seen a very attractive photo of their Pasta. They serve a uniquely styled pasta that has spaghetti with home style beef chili sauce.

This just didn’t work for me, the spaghetti was cold and  dry, but upon our mentioning this to the hostess, she made sure it was redone to our liking. But I still think that they need to work a bit more on the recipe.


We had their delicious super fresh Churros. Warm Churros, dabbed with delicious sugar, come with two dipping options and are made upon order so freshness is guaranteed. the chocolate dip was delicious ! Love you Hot Dog Stand 😀


In drinks, I tried their Pink Lemonade which tasted a lot like Snapple -which I really like- so according to me it was great.


Hot Dog Stand provides, quality hot dogs and delicious sides at very affordable prices and its a place that you can visit often. I appreciate places that have good hospitality and a personal touch to minor details like the plating, service style and interiors. This place has it all.

I suggest paying a quick visit next time you’re around.

Great job Hot Dog Stand !! keep up the good work. You’re here to stay !

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