S’WICH Gourmet Shawarmas

S’wich the gourmet shawarma joint that’s taken this street snack to a whole new level.You can place your order  online, through their app or by using the old fashioned call center way if you can’t to make it to one of their three centrally located stores; first is in Marina, second is in Jumeirah and the third and the newest one is in business bay.


They have a simple menu but an intricate list of the perfect add ons. You choose your meat & then decide between the equally perfect options of having your shawarma on a bed or bowl of greens. They offer a delicious one of its kind duck shawarma and a vegan option too … Who said shawarma is only for the carnivores 😀

You can select up to four sides and two sauces to go with your standard order. The choices however are unlimited.

It’s not a only shawarma place, they serve freshly squeezed juices, they’ve quinoa, sweet potato fries and and dessert too! So it’s a complete meal experience.
Everything about this place has been thoughtfully crafted to give you a complete gourmet experience. The menu has changed and the servings have evolved.

I have tasted their:-
Beef S’wich
Chicken S’wich
Veal S’wich
Duck S’wich


All of them were perfectly crafted and tasted superb. The duck however was the real surprise. I’ve never had such a moist duck meat. Now I’ve a new favorite. My chicken came on a lettuce plate, which was superb. Despite my choice, I want to tell you all that their bread is baked in-house and they’ve a great whole wheat option.

There’s a whole page on the menu dedicated to sauces / dips. They include:
Truffle Sauce
Chipotle Mayo
Spicy Green
Spicy Honey
You get two of these complimentary with your meal and you’re welcome to taste before you order.

Now you can’t just have shawarma alone. They offer an awesome tasting Quinoa Clementine Salad. For AED 20/- you get a bowl full of delicious quinoa.

Another great option to go with your shawarma are fries. They sell sweet potato fries… Yes, you read that right! Oh boy they tasted so good! They are served with the potato skin on which results in an awesome and crunchy snack.


The in-house juice bar serves  mint lemonade, orange juice & an assortment of other exciting cocktails. Some of which are:

The Hulk – a drink made up of kale, green apples, cucumber and a hint of ginger ( I had this and it was delicious).
The Red Riding House – a drink made up of beetroots, green apples, some carrots and ginger.Goody goody !!


Don’t look away I’m not done …We’ve not discussed desert yet…
How does a slice of date cake sound ? Or a Fudge Brownie 😀


Yes they have it all. Hats off to the brilliant concept. Now you’re probably going to want to order right away. SO whats the hold up? They’re in your reach via app, phone or web!! All covered!
Go for it folks.

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